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I like to pretend I can draw all things! DRAWING!

My art tumblr is

Please read this all before commissioning me, as it deals with very important information in regard to commissioning me. It is to save not only myself, but you as a customer,
from trouble. :D

Commission info! 

Things you need to include in your (first) note when ordering a commission
This is the info you need to include when ordering a commission, if anything is missing I will not be able to accept your commission.

- Include your references! References should be very clear and any specific requirements/details mentioned. 

- Your paypal email, at the moment I only accept commissions through paypal!

- What style/type of commission you are intending to purchase. 

- I will correct any mistakes, given that they were made on my behalf (e.g. I misread a description), I do try to read/look as closely as possible but mistakes happen. However if the mistake is as a result of insufficient information (e.g. unclear references, the element is not mentioned prior to me accepting the commission), you cannot force me to correct it. There will some leniency with whether or not I choose to correct something depending on how clear/unclearly it was described and the size of the error. However under no circumstances will I redraw a commission.

- In regards to artistic freedom, I will make stylistic choices, if these fall under anything you have not specified before we agreed on the commission.  If you would like me to use the exact colours (literally taking the colour picker tool to choose colours), please tell me as such because I tend to stray slightly from exact colours so that the image seems more harmonious. I may be willing to edit them. However I will not redraw a whole piece because you didn't tell me exactly what you wanted.

I will not draw in any styles that I do not have examples of in my gallery/that I am not offering at that moment.

I reserve the right not to take commissions for what ever reason, specified or unspecified. For instance if I find it is not within my ability or I simply do not want to draw it. However you are welcome to ask me whether I will or won't draw something.

Rights, Copyright and permissions

- When you commission me, I reserve all rights to post watermarked pieces at my discretion to potential clients for commission examples, as it helps expand my gallery. The commissioner does not have full rights to the artwork unless these rights have been purchased and specifically stated by me only. 

- If the commission is to remain private (i.e. I may not post it any where), this may entail an additional fee and must be mentioned before I accept the commission and become a term of the commission.  These commissions are not permitted to be posted on public websites under any circumstances. Simply if I am not allowed to post the commission, neither are you.

- The commissioner is never permitted to edit/modify, distribute, make merchandise, claim credit, use for advertising whether under any circumstances without my explicit permission be it for profit or non-profit.

- The image is allowed to be used by the commissioner for personal uses such as wallpapers, icons etc. However if the image is public, credit must be visibly given to me, the artist.

 After you have received your finished commission (this includes any correction of mistakes) the transaction will be over and you are not permitted to ask for a refund.

- Rude, disrespectful and/or abusive commissioners will have their commissions cancelled and be refunded minus any progress on their commission made before the event. I may also block/ignore or refuse commissions from them without any questions asked.


- Do not send the payment until I have agreed to take your commission.

- I will only accept payments through Paypal, I take only USD unless listed otherwise.

- Commissioners are to pay the Paypal transaction fee whether it be adding extra or selecting sender pays fee. Please check that the net amount (the amount I am actually being sent), is equal to the price of the commission.

- All payments are to be made upfront unless I have suggested and we have both agreed otherwise. I will not start your commission or add you to the commission list until the payment has reached my end.

- I reserve the right to cancel a commission if the payment has not been made in a timely manner. I will be the judge of this since I understand that you might have some trouble sending the payment over. However what I usually consider as a timely manner is 36 hours, to cover any issues resultant of timezones and time differences.

Credit to Okyi for the original TOS that I have used. 

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